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Our academy gives you the experience of learning and receiving a certificate while continuing with your daily life with ease. There is no need to wake up early or travel distances to reach a classroom. Here at EFA, we bring the classroom to the comfort of your home or office.

Our Mission

EFA strives to provide students with a complete learning experience that fosters the development of language and communication skills through a total lifestyle approach to education. Our programs foster student learning with opportunities to develop, cultivate and improve language skills. EFA is committed to delivering English language education, a student-centred service and support approach.

Our Plan

EFA offers a range of options to help students fund their studies when deciding to enroll in one of our nationally accredited programs.

Our Vision

  • Conviction – Demonstrate conviction to our purpose and potential.
  • Drive– Demonstrate drive through achievement and advancing together.
  • Rigour– Demonstrate rigour in enhancing and constantly improving our professional reputation and credibility.
  • Genuine– Demonstrate and implement a genuine approach in the way we behave and deliver.
  • Respect– Demonstrate respect by celebrating, valuing and caring for individuals and the environment.
  • Continuous Improvement– Demonstrate the ability to always improve and strive for success.
  • Services

    Whatever your role, our goal is to help you develop the technical know-how and creative vision to meet your most demanding business challenges.

    Business English

    Fast track your career. Our compelling real-world business scenarios will help you perfect your communication in the workplace.

    General English

    Speak English with confidence. Our full range of General English topics ensure you are always part of the conversation.

    Travel English

    Maximise your travel experience. Whether it’s a short vacation, adventure around the world or a fresh start we will help you feel at home wherever you go.

    TOEFL Preparation

    Score your best results. Join preparation group lessons, access hundreds of hours of trial tests and confidently pass your exam with flying colours.

    TOEIC Preparation

    Prepare for the TOEIC quickly and effectively with EFA Online intensive online test preparation.

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    Our Plans

    • Recipes of success

    General Plan

    Three Months


    • Live Lessons
    • Basic Grammar
    • Offline Lessons
    • Daily Conversations Skills
    • Limited Language Practice

    Main Plan

    Six Months

    $1,999 $2,499

    • Regular Plan Features
    • E-learning Books
    • Verbs & Grammar
    • Weekly Homework’s
    • Test Every Two Weeks
    • Basics Language Practice
    • Basics Conversation skill
    • Basics Communication skills
    • Basics Writing & learning skills
    • You Save 16 % !!

    Premium Plan

    One Year

    $3,599 $4,699

    • General Plan Features
    • Three Certificates
    • Weekly Test
    • Weekly Reports
    • Weekly Homework’s
    • Preparation IELTS & TOEFL
    • Private Conversation Lessons
    • Strong Language Practice
    • Strong Conversation skill
    • Strong Communication skills
    • Strong Writing & learning skills
    • You Save 25 % !!

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